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Reaction - Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars is my thing.

Star Trek is okay but Star Wars has my heart. Or should I say Princess Leia and Han Solo have my heart? Because they do. Since I was knee high to a grasshopper and wise enough to recognise how brilliant each of these heroes were. (Luke Skywalker is fine but I never responded to him like the other two leads.)

I was BEYOND excited when the prequels came out in the cinemas when I was a teenager. Finally – more stories! And then I realised that the new direction was not going to meld with my individual taste levels. Light saber fights were cool but they needed to be deeply rooted in the narrative. I preferred the puppet Yoda, not the squirm inducing CGI version. Jar Jar Binks was super annoying. There was a lot of talk about government and other blah blah blah subject matters. And I didn’t really gel with the performances. My love for this world was deflated. I found myself a little lost.

It took until 2015 for my love to be lifted. The Force Awakens was tremendous. It was fun, fierce and very very Force-y.

The filmmakers had earned my trust back. So, I decided to head to a midnight screening for The Last Jedi. I wanted more Rey, Finn, Kylo Ren and BB8, and I didn’t want one second to be ruined.

Stop reading because some spoilers are coming your way in the form of my five favroutie aspects of The Last Jedi.

Really! Stop reading – this is your last spoiler free opportunity.

In no particular order:

The Force Skype Calls

Kylo Ren and Rey are pitted against one another in The Force Awakens as the light and the dark. In The Last Jedi their leanings are very unclear and distinctly grey. What is clear is that they both feel alone, and they literally reach out for one another. And it’s beautiful. And whether you’re a shipper or not, the chemistry and the feels between these two make for dynamic and emotionally charged moments.

The fight? I cheered alongside a full cinema when they started fighting together. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that feeling.

Crystal Fox / Ice Wolf

How’s that for incredible creature design? And the sound mix was perfection. Where can I adopt one?

Luke & Leia

He’s the Master. She’s the General. They deserve all the moments together. With so little words, they conveyed so much. Did your heart hurt too?

That thing that Vice Admiral Holdo does is epic 

…and results in ten seconds of silence (not common in film.)

‘Cause that was awesome.

The Ladies

Leia was the sole female in the original series. She was charismatic, a little mean, strong, smart and the leader of the motley gang but she was the sole representation of women. This new series is really expanding what bravery looks like in the universe – it comes in many colours, sizes, species and genders. I love the complexity of Rey, the innocence of Rose, the focus of Captain Phasma, the unflappability of Vice General Holdo and the women who graced the pilot seats in the X-wings. It makes me proud. (But let’s hope there’s increased diversity in Episode Nine because this is only the beginning.)

There’s actually a lot more that I love about this film. I’ll be seeing it for the second time later this week which means this list will inevitably get longer in my mind. But there’s also room to add some of the flaws….because what you love can also be flawed. But I love where this series is heading and I trust in the creators.

And I really, really need to see what happens….



YES YES YES 1000% ! Also porgs! ♡♡♡

28th Jan, 18

I loved this movie too! The whole film was so relentlessly epic I was speechless when it finished!

25th Apr, 18