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How do you mark your page? (Tough questions for the bookish)

I have a confession to make.

I dog-ear.

I will take a new book and damage it forever by folding the corner of the page. And I don’t think that’s a bad thing. What else have I used to mark the page? Once I actually drew a star on the corner (my rebellious phase?) but I largely use anything handy.

Items I have used as a bookmark:

  • my phone
  • a rock
  • a straw (and yes, even I find this a little gross)
  • a potato chip (it got grosser…apologies)
  • receipts
  • another book cover (it works)
  • my brain (try holding the page number in your brain for a day)
  • a pencil
  • a strand of my hair (have I lost you completely?)
  • a ribbon

What I don’t use as a bookmark:

  • an actual bookmark

People gift me bookmarks all the time; resilient cardboard, fancy metal types shaped like a crook, wooden, and braided. I don’t use them. I consider it sometimes and then move on.

But I have my limits. I dog-ear once and put the book away. When I resume I straighten the page out and keep reading. I never consider a dog-ear ornate approach that makes my book resemble an accordion, or keep the dog-ear for all eternity. Even a book abuser has their limits.

I have also been known to write notes in the borders, underline passages, and crack the spines.

Where is your line on book treatment? Have I gone too far?




I would use anything as a bookmark to avoid dog earring a page and am frankly horrified. However I do admit to using all of the above as bookmarks even food and it is really quite gross but I stand by my opinion that dog earring is awful

25th Apr, 18

YOU MONSTER Bit extreme I admit. But I do that. For the better half of my reading life, I just opened my book up to the page and put it facedown, put my pillow on it and slept. I am such a monster....

28th Apr, 18